Hate Is An Ugly Color

How far would you go for the one you love? Would you die? The word sacrifice is so commonly underestimated- and we have no idea what it really means to die. It breaks my heart to see this and know that my faith is never put into question and even still there are times when I let myself fall short of his love- God's love. Still there are people in this world who die daily and all they ask for is our prayers. And I forget to pray!? Our global view is so skewed and erroneously concrete. OPEN OUR EYES. This is reality, this is our reality. I would trade my comfort to be put to the test- shame on me for ever thinking life is tough. What do you stand for? Do you stand at all!? My heartaches. Am I even capable of loving God as much as He loved me? Can my love surprass the hate that the persecutors have for God? To kill a life for love? And here we sit caught up on nonsense- they've got our minds so tangled in a web of toys and fairytales we can't even look at the reflection of the world. Get over yourself- get over your petty temptations and stand face for God. Sin is a choice not an impossion, and God gave us that freewill because he wanted us to love him by choice not by force. This is what it takes to love.

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