Free the Music

Lastnight I went to check out a show of a fellow musician, and I must say the quality and soul in each beat was invigorating. There's something that spurs from the heart of an artist that can only be identified as one thing- Freedom. The words that reverberated in the room were sustained in mid-air by the passion drenched depth of his voice. Immersed in the resonance of his music, it was refreshing to see the transparency with which Frankie 'Brownstudy' Rosado brought a direct message to his audience. From my seat in the back of the room, I found myself caught in an ironic parallel. I was inspired and brought to respect for a genuine musical soul yet heartbroken to see the apathy with which others in the room trudged out. I sat there in awe that such a captivating and veritable message would be met with a shrug of indifference. Then it hit me- this is the life we have chosen. This is the life of an artist. Anything that we create comes directly from the depths of our emotions, where congruency and sense don't necessarily take part in the truth of our world. We are the only ones who can free the music inside of us only to be met many times by deaf ears and cold hearts.

That is the parallel- one cannot exist without the acknowledgement of the other. Understanding that what we do, what Brownstudy does, what I do, and what countless creative souls in this world do- will be coupled with the reality that not all audiences will see through to the core of the situation. And so I propose this- If music were only beats, and art was only paint and pencils, and if words were only left on paper, and if nothing was to sustain the breathe of these pieces- then what color would this world have? How then could people such as Brownstudy come to the understanding that their passion is more than just a quick step on a short journey called life- but in reality an outlet for all things divine? That the creator of this Universe would have at one moment looked at emptiness and envisioned the very detailed threads that hold our figments together- God was an artist, God was a musician, God was a poet. It was art that brought us to existence and not even the wildest of imaginations could predict the wonders of the world that awaits us post-pardom. The sound of this world is the melodic drumline that times the beat of our passing days.We have become so comfortable with its role that we take it for granted not capturing that silence is truely stunning to experience. The vision of vibrancy around us is shambled by the ruins of our greedy nature that grants us a vain permission to destroy and decease the beauty of its contents, his masterpiece. The Word- the transcending stand of the potent irrevocable truth of his Word, breathes a spirit of liveliness into all that douse into the scriptured lines. This is Art- this is Music- this is real.

So I commend and tip my hat to all who, like me, only seek to impact lives even in the tiniest of ways; to make an imprint with what God has purposefully placed in our genetic composition. We cannot escape it. Even though some may turn away, like Brownstudy proved lastnight, our job is just to be bold and put it out- the rest is up to them and God. I write not to persuade but to expand your intellectual hunger. Maybe after you read this you call it bluff but this is the bottom line- free the music. No industry, no man-made machine of catastrophic social design, no award could ever merit the validity of the soul in music. Good Music. Music that strengthens the spirit and speaks truth to this generation of crippled blanks. These are real people- this is real down to the mars stuff. Don't drown it out in the ruckus of yesterdays noise- this is today's story put to the test and strung on notes. I urge you to check him out- www.brownstudymusic.com and be enlightened to the encounter of new music. If you are anything like me- I am always on the search for innovation- this is it. And like him there are so many others putting out music that edifies and awakens consciousness. Don't be fearful to take a step in the direction that will lead you to exploring your passion- find yourself and free your music. Like Brownstudy says- "I just want to be me..."

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