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G-Shock Monster

This one's for my dearest most sincerest most beloved most astounding inspiration- Gisselle. My best friend and sister. I've loved her for 20 yrs officially last wednesday, cannot believe it's been that long that God has blessed me with her. She's articulate and amazing. There's a moment when we realize that our best reflections are found in the eyes of those we can gaze into and know that we love unconditionally, my eyes will always reflect nothing but beauty and ingenuity when they gaze at her. She's amazing. Sometimes I just listen to her talk, just looking into her big brown eyes and think about all the things that make her completely indescribably unrivaled- and I realize that she's oblivious to most. The way that we will never see all the reasons we make others smile. I get lost in deep soul conversations with her for hours, we have the most insane and unexplainable inside jokes that fill my insides with uncontrollable, cascading life-giving laughter and we can have the greatest time doing absolutely nothing for absolutely free. Spot the hotties and all the bargains in the same hour. She makes my day. I am so proud to see the woman she is becoming and cannot wait to witness the years to come. I think I am more excited than her. 

Her courage to take on a life that at her age I was too fearful of to do more than dream, inspires me to set even higher standards for myself. I admire her ability to stand true to herself, to be herself at all times, unapologetically. It fires me inside. She's classic and graceful, delicate and loving. She's taught me patience, well she's tried, and in the back of my mind I can always hear her voice, "Mayra, just wait." She's reticent but she's worth it because not everyone deserves a piece of your heart or the opportunity to hear a piece of your mind- she's taught me to save it. She's taught me to love- hard and to forgive- quickly and to be slow to anger and slow to speak. 

So I want you to learn this from me- take risks, be free even if it means a little brow sweat and some trouble. We can never forget the things we never said- sometimes we need to fight for what our heart is dying to have. It's ok to make mistakes, lots of them,  just as long as get up and keep your skin tough and your heart soft. They also make for excellent memories and stories for my nieces and nephews. 

There's nothing wrong with being crazy and there's nothing wrong with being irrational- life is never perfectly planned out. See your beauty every second of every day and never understimate the impact you will make. Know that your dreams are powerful and that they are real. Always remember that Nothing is Impossible.  So, in this year I pray the greatest of your wishes and dreams into reality. Say yes to yourself. Make all the memories a lifetime can never hold, and take all the adventures your mind can conjure. The world is waiting for an exhuberantly beautiful being named YOU.
I love you avec tout ma petite coeur 

Doing What we Do BEST! ; )

Happy 20th Year of Life G-Shock Monster!!! I love you with all of my heart beautiful!


Hello ms caramel skin pretty big brown eyes with soft lips... where you been?


Ring My Bell

This past weekend I had the honor of sharing one of the greatest milestones in the life of one of my most loved friends- her wedding day. I remember when we met our freshmen yr in college, we were inseparable.  She was always the shy and sweet one, I was the fiesty and outgoing one- polar opposites. Still our hearts were linked by the same trademark- we fearlessly guarded everyone we loved. I remember sitting in her dorm room, after coming back stuffed from the dining hall, we'd talk for HOURS about life! We lived through countless laughs and tears, first sparks and break-ups, adventures and mischief, bad haircuts and good manicures! Now five years later I am so proud and amazed at how perfectly her story has turned out. After all the struggles that brought her to this point she is finally where she belongs- in the arms of a man who loves her as the woman that she is! Izzy was always the one to picture her fairytale, I dabbled in the fantasies a bit but that was all her scene. Watching her this past saturday, tears welled in my eyes and the excitement oozed from my pores as I witnessed the happiest moment in her life- her lips formed the words "I DO," and I knew this was the moment she had always pictured. A beautiful bride- beauty is more than an understatement- anyone who knows her knows that she is a phenomal woman, strong, genuine,  fervently loving and loyal. Her husband is blessed beyond measures and there is no doubt in my mind that he considers himself nothing less than. 

Wedding's make you realize exactly where you are in life. They make you take a look at yourself, you either see yourself there- picture the dress and the bridesmaids, the decor, and even try to imagine the groom. Ideally he's tall and handsome, with a gorgeous smile, loving eyes, and genuine heart. You may find yourself in a place in life where you can picture that moment, looking into the eyes of your significant other in anticipation. Still some find themselves happy that they are not in that dress, the commitment is too immense to step into just yet. Meanwhile others wonder what they are going to do with yet another bridesmaid dress and no wedding gown; looking around and counting the time as the memo seems to continue to miss their inbox. Then there are those who have passed the stage, whether its a few months or years, or its been cemented with the commitment of anniversaries and children. Those who see the product of this day in their aging hands, or in the youth of the little ones. Regardless of the life, regardless of the time, there is something about a wedding that is magical and real. It makes you asses the purpose of your life and the direction in which you are headed and the trails you have tracked and the miles you have yet to run.

::I had no intentions of catching the bouquet... merely filling up space in the crowd::  ; )

That being said, I had the pleasure of sharing this weekend with my amazing n handsome friend of four years who I love very much. He was the perfect company, especially since we met through Isabel, but more than that he stood through my endless inside jokes, laughter, and nonsensical conversations like a champ! Thanks pumpkin! 


Liza Eve

This is my beautiful and talented sister- Liza Eve. This song is an original, one of her countless brilliant originals of course. She is my absolute favorite unsigned singer/songwriter, and I die at the sounds of her passionate croons. She is amazing. A small fact about myself- my sisters and I form a band called "Element of You" we write our own music. Either way, I leave you with this small piece. I hope you guys enjoy it and feel free to pass along the goods!


Nigerian Queen

Introducing. Ms. Nikki
I love this girl- met her two years ago when I worked as a manager at F21- she was one of my sales associates and we instantly clicked due to our paralleled fashion addictions. Her urban classy style is extremely feminine and live and her extroverted grandeur will leave you with a sure smile on your face.  She's that chic that is always in heels... and ALWAYS in the mall! ♥ her!

Follow My boo on her blog Barelydreszed.tumblr.com You won't be disappointed!!


this version

Back When I Had Long Hair
My theory is... If you act fearless about who you are... it'll eventually transpire so they'll just shutup and accept it.


I MADE IT!! May 5, 2011 ♥

Just Crossed That Stage... Heyyyyyy!! = )

Where's Minny?

My #1 Supporters

Mi Familia

The women in my Life ♥ My Mama and GramGram

My Two Beautiful and Amazingly Talented Sisters and My Best Friends
I love them more than my life

My sisters and My one of my bff's my Love Nicole!! 
*That Cinco de Mayra Sign was the BEST*

My daddy and My uncle who surprised me from PR

I made it!! May 5, 2011 will forever be in my ♥ 


"Do the things that you used to talk about doing but never did. Know when to let go and when to hold on tight. Stop rushing. Don't be intimidated to say it like it is. Stop apologizing all the time. Learn to say no, so that your yes has some oomph. Spend time with the friends who will lift you up, and cut loose the friends who bring you down. Stop giving your power away. Be more concerned with being interested, than being interesting. Be old enough to appreciate your freedom, and young enough to enjoy it. Finally, know who you are."

Kristin Armstrong



Just Lost One

I realize more and more the apathetic nature of our mindless society. Every day I am more disheartened and anguished at the loss of sensitivity that plagues the confines of our lifes. We are tragically hopeless and I am deathly afraid for this generation. Still can I say that it comes with out surprise? To do so I would be lying, for I know that these days have been long awaited- the days in which the hearts of all will get colder. I sit here in my most treasured and private place of comfort- my bed- and I find myself in tears. Tears that are spurred from the renewing realization that our lives are spiraling downward, our world has loss any sense of moral that we may have once vainly clinged to. True, its questionable the substance of said moral, but the reality is that we are crushing the future into a shambled compound of hate, discrimination and lies. There is little gage of moral or code of value instilled in the youth of this nation. On the brink of possibly the greatest, most unprecedented political and global siesmic erruption, we sit and celebrate the death of a man who has for the past almost 10 years solely carried the weight of the accused murder of lives of innocent Americans, the weight of hatred of not just one person but millions and millions, carried the weight as the most persecuted man on the face of this earth. I cannot begin to imagine the pain of that cross, how much of it was even truly justifiable? We can never know for certain, but what we can know is that we are not any different than he is. We are all sinners and no sin is greater than the other. The debilitation and corrosion of such evils I am certain killed him before any army could ever reach him- his spirit has been dead for years. How can we rejoice so greatly at the death of a man? My heart literally shattered as my heart felt the burden of his soul- another life lost without salvation and without the freeing mercy of forgiveness. How can we send people to the grave with the stamp of hate and despise? With the knowledge that we find justice in our inability to forgive? What is true justice, can someone please show me the face of such a tale because as far as I am concerned, we are all imperfect. I am not here vauching for the actions or even attributing any of them to this figure, my feelings are a direct and sincere reaction to my society. Children who weren't even conscious of the world 10 yrs ago are celebrating today. We are raising a generation of unforgiving, unaware children who have small venues through which they can sift the real from the fantastical. Where media has infilitrated the home to create a space for immorality, it has also burried its way into our hearts and created stones there too. Let us live above the lies and learn to live in love and seek truth. See these plies of the government and world antics as reflexive images of each other- there is no savior in either. We want to mandate justice and yet we can never identify ourselves as the terrorists which destroy the lives of countless innocent lives around the world daily, what about the lives of our children destroyed at the hands of our society? If my loved ones, OUR loved ones, could fight and defend TRUE justice in the world and could risk their lives for the REAL count of Love, then that is a death that is worth every drop of blood. I would run to the front lines of those battlefields. As we bid farewell to another life today, let us not forget that there were thousands of faceless lives who also took their last breathe and who go without recognition. How can we rejoice in such misery? What are we screaming to the world about ourselves? Reinforcing the persona of endangered species- sin has really corrupted our desires for virtue. Please let us reconsider the foundations of our joy- two wrongs never make a right. Justice hasn't been served, we are all victims of the same system. God brings peace not man- how can we if we are all imperfect? I urge you, keep your minds clear and conscious, your hearts humble and full of ferverous and genuine love, and souls seeking the truth that saves us. Prayers for our families and for our world.



The Miles that end at a Stone

As my life has wittled away for the past months, I have seen tears of joy and of pain at the overwhelming feeling of seeing myself through new eyes. Sometimes there comes a point in our life when we are finally acceptant of who we are. Fine with the imperfections, fine with the mistakes, fine with the leaps of overcoming old fears to find new ones. Not everyone will reach that bar with us- and unfortunately most will never find it for themselves. This is not a state of complacency that I am speaking to, where our lives hit a plateau, but rather the calm before the storm where we can see ourselves clearly enough to know where we are going. I am there. I am standing at the door and on the other side are unimaginable fields of opportunities and experiences. So much so that my small frame can barely contain the anticipation of the wait. Waiting develops character. Patience is a virtue. We wait, we wait for the right man, we wait for the right job, we wait for the right sale on those beautiful shoes we are dying for (see post below), we wait to be told what to do, we wait to be told who we are. We wait so much that one day we wake up and realize that we've waited our lives away and we are laying in bed waiting for the day we part from this earth. See waiting is only half the key to identity, action is what makes waiting effective. Like I've always said- potential is just potential (feel free to quote me) but it is true. I don't think it could be more clear than that. Sometimes we have to walk away from potential because it will never reach its full state of glory. Other times, we are the potential thats being walked away from. Its like we lead ourselves to the entrance of our catalyst, we peak in and inspect it, and then walk away satisfied- never knowing what wonders could have arisen had we only been bold enough to get on the catapult and be launched. So we wander through life aimlessly missing catapult after catapult because we don't know who we are. Worse than not knowing who you are, is not knowing how to stand for it. If there is one thing that I refuse to compromise anymore it is myself. I will not make excuses for my convictions or passions. I will not define myself in conjunction to societal expectations for me. Who would I be then? How could I live with a stranger staring back at me in the mirror? I've come to see the full me- tasting the potential of me- moving into kinetic. I cannot be associated with those who cannot do the same. If you cannot be true to yourself how can I expect you to be true to me? Embarrassment is a wasteful emotion- I refuse to engage in such debauchery. I just don't understand it, we've all seen it, some may even be sitting reading these words feeling guilty of it- I like to call it ::drumroll:: The Chameleonaire Syndrome. Yes, chameleon, social chameleons. Those who are what others want them to be- who do what others are doing, say what others are saying, stand for what others are standing for. I feel it only tackily fitting to insert an infamous quote here, "If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything." If I didn't know who I was, or what I wanted out of life, I would find myself trying to live vicariously through the fantastical illusions of another's livelihood. So it can be safe to say that I am destructively rebellious. A rebel with a severe and sincere cause. Be who you were made to be. This is the person that I've been trying to get back to for years now. I used to ask myself when did I lose my ability to dream, I've answered it- when I started trying to live for another's instead of my own. So I am now on the brink of graduation- 5 years in the making for a degree that identifies me as an expert in all things immoral and corrupt that comprise the interweavings of our rigid and materialized vain society- creating mindless monsters out of 95% of us. Its the miles that end at a stone. A stone that now according to culture will validate anything that comes from my mouth- unfortunately for them I had already appropriated myself of said certification because everything I say has purpose. I mean that in the most unconceited way possible, and by that I mean that I will not waste my life matter on insignificant things. My brain matter on pettiness. Or my words on insufficient calculations of slander. A week and some change is left before I see a day I always dreamed of, and tears come to my eyes when I realize that I have reached that milestone seeing the person I dreamed would cross that stage. The me that was dormant. I only look forward to meet myself again tommorrow, and the day after that, and every day for the rest of my life. Expecting someone to know everything about you is too much of a cross for any human to bear- even you- when you meet a new you everyday. So why not bear it on the only one who can- God. Our miles are painted each in different shades of colors- but our stones serve one purpose- to be stepped on to look out and leap off into the next miles to run through. 





I'm in loveeee with Street Etiquette and Sartorial Sounds!! Not only is their style soo fresh, original, and elegant; their music and poetry is perfect! What wouldn't I give to vibe with this group of amazingly talented young cool. Its so freshing to see this atmosphere; it's exactly where I'd love to be! Check them out at Street Etiquette!


Obessessed? Si Senor

I've never been one to dip myself in leopard from head to toe but I die for leopard shoessss!

and nailsssssss!

and bagssssss!

and oxfordssss!



CookieBear ♥

I LOVE this beautiful wonderfully amazing talented super awesome make your heart melt with those eyes can't get enough of that smile girl right here!!
Such a precious person and even though we are far apart she stole mi Corazon

Always there at 3am to listen to my ridiculous rambling stories, help me get through the confusion I cause with my overthinking that only she can understand perfectly and regardless of who comes your way you'll always be my Cookie 1st!
Thank you for coming into my life Lil Ms. Sunshine.. YOU are the Nicest Thing
= )

You must check out her page! lifeinthreewords.tumblr.com


We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. 
- Dr. Seuss

For all those who do not know... I Dr. Suess! and Want to one day own every single one of his books = )