For the Long Haul...

It's been ridiculously long... and I sincerely apologize to the love that lies between the www and .com of these here blog pages. Crazy much has been on my mind and although my heart could no long stand the ache that comes from being parted from these key strokes, I raced back to you for a few rare seconds between the studying and procrastination of college life. Its brutal, to say "see you later" to your first love- to cross the firey sands of intelligence and conquest. My only hopes that all that comes from this paper, plaqued between glass and nails and highly awaited, will bring more fruit than the labor I've endured to achieve it. And so I propose a toast to everything that I have yet to share... trust me I anxiously anticipate a moment of alone time just for you and I. Until then... here's one of my alltime favorite songs by one of the most amazing muscians alive. He wrote this song about me ; )


::Pumpkin's Pics::