Carnal Institution

Sometimes... we just have to question what is really ours....

Rarely do we question what is ours, possession thus marking an undeniable territory that stands only to testify that we belong. But where do we belong? What is this place that creates this sense of comfort that tickles the fancy of our being in knowing this is our space? The answer lies in the folds of the things that we call ours. We do not question them because they are us. To threaten the existence of our right to own would merely prove to be a corruption of civilized truth that only stands the test of time.  Our things- Our space. It is not in principle the extension of self to material fabrication but rather the reflection of self in the mirror of our surroundings. Questioning such propriety, scribed in the inlaid portrait of our social atmosphere would undermine a foundation that preceded our birth- a social agenda. This social agenda chronicled to make u believe that in this culture- you have a world. That it is yours and if there is anything that they can’t steal- that is your Identity. What they don’t tell you… is that they’ve sold it to you.  You have nothing. We are mindlessly taught to believe that everything we wake up to is our reality. We’ve acquired a sense of motionless hurry where day in and day out our hours weave through lost moments and the only thing that is vivid in our day- is the truth that it was ours. The face of space changes- but the nature of space never will. In essence- what you are is what you see, what you see is what you want to be.  We gather around us ways to perform our lives- the things we own. So space never leaves, we are just constantly redefining it by our things.  The things we do not own. Our space is social- these lifeless characters are the intricate ways in which we prepare ourselves to lead the role we have chosen. Space can only be defined by time and time brings it to an end.  These are the things we love.

Time makes a place for us to develop who we want to be- let’s name time Life.
These places in Life where we develop ourselves- let’s name them Experience.
These Experiences generate guidelines - let’s name these guidelines Values.
These Values define our surroundings- let’s name these surroundings Community.
This Community structures the people in our Life- lets call these people Family.
This Family forms a space- Let’s call this space Heart.
This Heart births thoughts- Let’s call these thoughts Mind.
This Mind makes us believe we exist- let’s call this existence ME.
Me only  thrives as long as Life is present.

Therefore everything inhabits our space has been stamped with the certificate of time and it is only a matter of time before these things no longer define our space. My space is as follows:

The Space of Self-Evaluation

The Space of Social-Self. Friend or Foe.

The Space of Self-Discovery

The Space of Self-Awakening

The Space of Self-Fullfillment

The Space of Self-Ambition

The Space of Self-Reality

Our space, the things that we define as ours, exist in our minds. It is our adaptation of them as our very own that gives them a value and a power to shape our Identity. As social beings, thriving in social space, the performance of self is inevitably contingent upon its proper interpretation through our community. They define who we want to be, not because they control us but because we perform socially therefore we are reflected back to ourselves through their eyes. It is that matter that they see is as we want to be seen that validates our space and our Identity. That is why Time has the power to change our space. Our motivation to perform is altered through the effectiveness with which we are percieved- thus we either progress or digress, altering accordingly our space to fit our needs. We find that both space and time belongs to us, My time- My space. We do as we feel best fits our modes of survival- and the ways in which we allocate our time- and the spaces or venues through which we act in it. In doing so we work to adjust that who we want to be. Still our social atmosphere creates in us the understanding of certain expectations- thus our time is really only ours in limited aspects. These aspects are as follow: We must meet these expectations. Therefore, we arrange our time to fit into this social circle. That is the only part that we can in as much begin to define as ours. But time is not ours- It is Gods. He gives and he takes away. He gave us this space- the product of his hands to bring to our fingertips the extension of freewill and free mind. To chose and feel and love as we desire- in his sacrifice to open a road for us to reach his heart. Social space- confined only physically to the walls of this arctic mindset which is sold to us in everything we cramp into our surroundings and minds. Liberated only by the perfection of truth that can only come from the understanding that- this life means nothing. The only Identity to be found is through He who created in us the ability to love- Love himself- God. 

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