The Adam

There is something just so jawdropping and undeniably irresistable about a man. Not just any man- The Adam. Allow me to explain.

The Adam:

A man who is unique, standing out not because he has a particular brand but because his charisma and aura dress his every step. He is intellectual and witty, charming and refreshing. Loves God. And best of all- Always looks clean. This is The Adam. He's the first, he reinvents the wheel- he brings his own daringly ambitious sense adamant in taking steps where others are scared to venture. Not just in the fashion world but in the mind. I love a man for his mind. Let me undress your thoughts- escapade through the curves of your vision- engulf myself in the sound of your voice. Intoxicating. The Adam is selective- a mix of urban and high culture that is decorated with passion for life. He exudes confidence and respect- not cockiness but more so in a humble comfort in his own skin. Let's embrace this gentleman my male cohorts- he's dormant in all of you. Its a process of finding The Adam inside- the essence of YOU. That is the only science- be YOU and be Loved for it.

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