Ring My Bell

This past weekend I had the honor of sharing one of the greatest milestones in the life of one of my most loved friends- her wedding day. I remember when we met our freshmen yr in college, we were inseparable.  She was always the shy and sweet one, I was the fiesty and outgoing one- polar opposites. Still our hearts were linked by the same trademark- we fearlessly guarded everyone we loved. I remember sitting in her dorm room, after coming back stuffed from the dining hall, we'd talk for HOURS about life! We lived through countless laughs and tears, first sparks and break-ups, adventures and mischief, bad haircuts and good manicures! Now five years later I am so proud and amazed at how perfectly her story has turned out. After all the struggles that brought her to this point she is finally where she belongs- in the arms of a man who loves her as the woman that she is! Izzy was always the one to picture her fairytale, I dabbled in the fantasies a bit but that was all her scene. Watching her this past saturday, tears welled in my eyes and the excitement oozed from my pores as I witnessed the happiest moment in her life- her lips formed the words "I DO," and I knew this was the moment she had always pictured. A beautiful bride- beauty is more than an understatement- anyone who knows her knows that she is a phenomal woman, strong, genuine,  fervently loving and loyal. Her husband is blessed beyond measures and there is no doubt in my mind that he considers himself nothing less than. 

Wedding's make you realize exactly where you are in life. They make you take a look at yourself, you either see yourself there- picture the dress and the bridesmaids, the decor, and even try to imagine the groom. Ideally he's tall and handsome, with a gorgeous smile, loving eyes, and genuine heart. You may find yourself in a place in life where you can picture that moment, looking into the eyes of your significant other in anticipation. Still some find themselves happy that they are not in that dress, the commitment is too immense to step into just yet. Meanwhile others wonder what they are going to do with yet another bridesmaid dress and no wedding gown; looking around and counting the time as the memo seems to continue to miss their inbox. Then there are those who have passed the stage, whether its a few months or years, or its been cemented with the commitment of anniversaries and children. Those who see the product of this day in their aging hands, or in the youth of the little ones. Regardless of the life, regardless of the time, there is something about a wedding that is magical and real. It makes you asses the purpose of your life and the direction in which you are headed and the trails you have tracked and the miles you have yet to run.

::I had no intentions of catching the bouquet... merely filling up space in the crowd::  ; )

That being said, I had the pleasure of sharing this weekend with my amazing n handsome friend of four years who I love very much. He was the perfect company, especially since we met through Isabel, but more than that he stood through my endless inside jokes, laughter, and nonsensical conversations like a champ! Thanks pumpkin! 


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