Just Lost One

I realize more and more the apathetic nature of our mindless society. Every day I am more disheartened and anguished at the loss of sensitivity that plagues the confines of our lifes. We are tragically hopeless and I am deathly afraid for this generation. Still can I say that it comes with out surprise? To do so I would be lying, for I know that these days have been long awaited- the days in which the hearts of all will get colder. I sit here in my most treasured and private place of comfort- my bed- and I find myself in tears. Tears that are spurred from the renewing realization that our lives are spiraling downward, our world has loss any sense of moral that we may have once vainly clinged to. True, its questionable the substance of said moral, but the reality is that we are crushing the future into a shambled compound of hate, discrimination and lies. There is little gage of moral or code of value instilled in the youth of this nation. On the brink of possibly the greatest, most unprecedented political and global siesmic erruption, we sit and celebrate the death of a man who has for the past almost 10 years solely carried the weight of the accused murder of lives of innocent Americans, the weight of hatred of not just one person but millions and millions, carried the weight as the most persecuted man on the face of this earth. I cannot begin to imagine the pain of that cross, how much of it was even truly justifiable? We can never know for certain, but what we can know is that we are not any different than he is. We are all sinners and no sin is greater than the other. The debilitation and corrosion of such evils I am certain killed him before any army could ever reach him- his spirit has been dead for years. How can we rejoice so greatly at the death of a man? My heart literally shattered as my heart felt the burden of his soul- another life lost without salvation and without the freeing mercy of forgiveness. How can we send people to the grave with the stamp of hate and despise? With the knowledge that we find justice in our inability to forgive? What is true justice, can someone please show me the face of such a tale because as far as I am concerned, we are all imperfect. I am not here vauching for the actions or even attributing any of them to this figure, my feelings are a direct and sincere reaction to my society. Children who weren't even conscious of the world 10 yrs ago are celebrating today. We are raising a generation of unforgiving, unaware children who have small venues through which they can sift the real from the fantastical. Where media has infilitrated the home to create a space for immorality, it has also burried its way into our hearts and created stones there too. Let us live above the lies and learn to live in love and seek truth. See these plies of the government and world antics as reflexive images of each other- there is no savior in either. We want to mandate justice and yet we can never identify ourselves as the terrorists which destroy the lives of countless innocent lives around the world daily, what about the lives of our children destroyed at the hands of our society? If my loved ones, OUR loved ones, could fight and defend TRUE justice in the world and could risk their lives for the REAL count of Love, then that is a death that is worth every drop of blood. I would run to the front lines of those battlefields. As we bid farewell to another life today, let us not forget that there were thousands of faceless lives who also took their last breathe and who go without recognition. How can we rejoice in such misery? What are we screaming to the world about ourselves? Reinforcing the persona of endangered species- sin has really corrupted our desires for virtue. Please let us reconsider the foundations of our joy- two wrongs never make a right. Justice hasn't been served, we are all victims of the same system. God brings peace not man- how can we if we are all imperfect? I urge you, keep your minds clear and conscious, your hearts humble and full of ferverous and genuine love, and souls seeking the truth that saves us. Prayers for our families and for our world.


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