The Material Girl: Imminent Offspring

At the age of only 14, Lourdes "Lola" Leon is one of the most beautiful and trendy teen on these streets. Her features may look a bit familiar, and if you are not aware, yes she looks like Madonna. Most likely because she is her blossoming daughter. Not only are her features stunning but she has an exquisite sense of style. She will undoubtedly take this fashion world by storm, and melt the hearts of all admirers. Watch out world because this young star is more than we are prepared to handle. Seeing her in armslock with her mother on the red carpets, it is evident that she's the Material Girl reincarnated. That is indeed the name of Lola's clothing line she spearheads with her Mother-Madonna. But more than just style and candid camera shots, Lola is a young girl like any other. Follow her blog postings on MaterialGirlCollection.com and see just how real this young fashionista is! 

Lola, Madonna, and their Material Girl- Kelly Osbourne


Madonna talks about her Lola and their line- Material Girl

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